Why Read This Book?

Because, this is not your typical
quote book.

Most quote books bore you with irrelevant and lifeless bullet points of interminable quotes.

In fact, you'll experience the exact opposite effect -
you'll be INSPIRED!

In this book,you'll find 25 topics that I've curated and compiled around how to live a life of intentionality - a purpose-driven life where you can unleash your greatest potential!

Think of this book as your creative space or playground to be inspired by hundreds of 'world changers' who have made a dent in the universe.

Here's the best part! The book is uniquely designed to engage you, the reader, to find your voice.

You'll find plenty of white space in the book where you can write your own "quotes," "a-ha moments," and "questions" in this book.

What People Are Saying

“Paul Sohn is one of the most Kingdom-minded, intentional leaders I know. He has a genuine heart for empowering people to bring Christ-centered transformation to every sector of society. In Paul’s new book, he provides twenty-five inspirational pit stops that will lead you into a time of reflection as well as help you plan you own course of action. Beautifully designed and powerful in its message, this book is sure to equip and encourage you as salt and light in our world.”
—Joshua Lee Henry, Young Adult Pastor, Mission Leadership Coach, Blogger at joshualeehenry.com

“This collection of quotes will make you think, reflect, inspire, and motivate you to do something positive with your life. This book is the pit stop for inspiration and wisdom to guide you to live a more purposeful and intentional life.”
—Celina Lee, Author of Live Your Dream

“Paul Sohn has carefully compiled a wonderful source of inspiring thoughts on what it means to live a life of faith. This book will contribute significantly to dialogue about Christian Leadership and life in the 21st century. Sohn’s book that seeks to equip, empower and transform people will be a great resource for individuals and a starting point for ongoing dialogue.”
—Joan Van Dyck, Vice President, Trinity Western University

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Paul Sohn
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